Apple iPhone XS - Tips & Tricks

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Frequently asked questions for the Apple iPhone XS

  • Can Face ID on my Apple iPhone XS store multiple persons?


    For Face ID you can set up multiple faces because you can also register multiple faces on your iPhone. So you can also add a person to Face ID that you trust with your phone.

  • Does Face ID on my Apple iPhone XS work when I wear accessories?


    More than 30,000 points of your face are captured when you set up the facial recognition. The system behind Face ID is so clever that it recognises changes in your face. This means that Face ID also works when you wear glasses, grow a beard, or put on a hat.

  • How safe is Face ID on my Apple iPhone XS?


    Your iPhone lacks a fingerprint scanner with Touch ID. To unlock your phone you can now use face recognition with Face ID. Face ID is faster, smarter, and safer. Apple says Face ID has a 1 in 1 million chance of error, and your device asks for an access code after five unsuccessful attempts. Besides that, Face ID cannot be fooled with photos, because the system recognises depth. The sensors therefore recognise whether it is a real person.

  • Why is the microphone or speaker on my Apple iPhone XS not working?


    If you have bought this device new, it may appear that the phone's speaker and/or microphone is not working. For example, you may not be able to hear the other party on the phone. This is because this model comes with a protective foil around it. The foil also covers the loudspeaker and microphone, making it seem as if these parts are not working properly. Remove the foil from the front and back to be able to make good use of your phone.

  • What can I do if the storage space of my Apple iPhone XS is full?


    Your phone's storage space can get full by storing lots of apps, photos, videos, music, or contacts. This is very annoying, because it makes your phone slow and you won't be able to download new photos or apps. Unfortunately, your phone's memory cannot be expanded with a memory card. But there is another solution: use cloud storage. You can upload photos and videos to the Cloud and then delete them from your phone. The files remain accessible on your phone via the Cloud, but no longer take up space on your device. This way, your phone stays fast and you have room for new apps. Examples of Cloud storage include iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

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